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Novopazarska Spa – Sandzak Serbia


Novopazarska Spa is situated 2.5 km north-east of Novi Pazar – some 280 Ion south of Belgrade, 2 Ion from Raska, 100 km from Kraljevo, at the altitude of 504 m.

Spa of Novi Pazar has got several springs of water which, according to their chemical properties, belong to sulphureous-acidic hypo-thermae (15° C) and hyper-thermae (47° – 55° C). Therapeutic usages include drinking and bathing.

Novopazarska Spa Serbia Sandzak

Novopazarska Spa dates back to the classical times. In Middle Ages, it was a renowned natural health resort known under the name of Raska.
It was located near the former town of Ras (10th – 12th century), the capital of the Serbian state of that time.

Novopazarska Spa belonged to Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, and it comprised classical baths and monastery residential area.
Upon Turkish invasion, Novopazarska Spa became deserted (15th century), as mentioned in the notes of Lefebvre, a French traveller, in 1611, wherein he only mentions “the natural hot waters near Novi Pazar”.

However, by the middle of the 16th century, the Turks started paying more attention to these healing springs and they built two hamams and shelters for accommodation of visitors, over the foundation of a Roman thermal bath Soon after this, the Spa regained its good reputation of an “exquisite hot-water spa”.

It was devastated in 1689 – when the monastery of Djurdjevi Stupovi was demolished and Novi Pazar ruined – and it was rebuilt by the end of the 18th century when a new bath was built.

Old Novopazarska Spa

Around 1920, the owner exploiting the spa built a restaurant – still in use today, as well as a hamam with several rooms upstairs, but afterwards, this natural resort became neglected again. Its renovation and landscaping followed only after the Second World War, by erecting of the new modern dispensary in 1953, and opening in 1975 of the “Novi Pazar” Institute for healing and rehabilitation of the patients suffering from myopathy and neuro-myopathy Thus the Spa was given its well-earned place among Serbian balneological centres.

Today, Novopazarska Spa is the biggest centre for rehabilitation of patients suffering from dystrophy, but mineral waters of this spa are also being used in the treatments of

  • sciatica
  • women’s sterility
  • rheumatic
  • skin-related and other illnesses.

The Institute has at its disposal the most up-to-date medical equipment as well as qualified staff, which places it among the leading rehabilitation centres in Serbia.
The program for treatment and rehabilitation of patients comprises a complex of balneo-physio-medicament-applying procedures.

Hotel in Novopazarska Spa - Sandzak Serbia

Besides being a rehabilitation centre, the Spa also has a recreational function, as its surroundings make it suitable for excursions; considering the fact that it is encircled by forests (it is located at the foot of Mount Rogozina – 1514 m) and that it is at a rather high altitude, it also has the attributes of a climatic resort.

The buildings of the Institute and the old Turkish Bath with a restaurant and rooms for accommodation, are located in the park (landscaped in 1969) which covers some 4000 ha.

The vicinity of Novi Pazar and the environment abundant in cultural and historical monuments from various epochs makes the stay in Novopazarska Spa unforgettable:

  • St. Peter’s Church (9th century),
  • monasteries – Djurdjevi Stupovi (12th century),
  • Sopocani (13th century).

In the vicinity of the Spa there is the spring of the River Raska, neighbouring forests are rich in various kinds of game and the rivers abound in fish. Nearby, there is also the excursion site Vrbnik, and Rajcinovica Spa (12 km), at the foot of Mount Golija.